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  • 2022 Buckeyefire JV

    2022 Buckeyefire JV

    All our Junior Varsity players

  • 2022 Buckeyefire Varsity

    2022 Buckeyefire Varsity

    All of our Varsity Players






    Crossfire 17A - Smoleny

  • Maxfire 2020 - Tim Vasko

    Maxfire 2020 - Tim Vasko

    2020 National Power League Champions

  • Sparkfire 2020 - John Smoleny

    Sparkfire 2020 - John Smoleny

    Spirit Tournament Champions

  • Meet our Staff

    Meet our Staff

    Best Coaches in the OVR

Buckeyefire Volleyball Building a Strong Tradition

We have been BUCKEYEFIRE for nearly 15 years now! Same owners, same club director, same administration, and nearly all of our coaches have stayed the course since the day they signed with us. Look around the OVR, you won't find many clubs in our area older than we are!!! Name changes, partner break ups, new directors, and turbulence are common to the sport.... however, BUCKEYEFIRE is not 'common'. Look at the picture above and you'll see the 120 kids we dedicate ourselves too. We are a happy club with happy families. Key word is 'family'!

There are only two reasons Buckeyefire isn't a large club. The first is gym time and facility. When a club makes the commitment to grow large, it is a calculated business type decision. The OVR (Ohio Valley Region) is among the largest in the country so we certainly have the kids in the region who want to play. But when a club makes that decision they are making the choice to grow quickly and committing to a facility means higher prices, and a NEED to fill roster spots. When a club doubles, then the need for coaches double too. In our mind, you have to lower your standards in order to keep the business a float. More than one club has closed or moved over the last 5 years, and we won't be one of those!

This brings us to the second reason we don't grow to a large club. COACHES! Our selection process is very stringent. Our belief that coaches should have two priorities to be here eliminates so many of the competitive ex-player type coaches. First, we want coaches with parenting or teaching experience. Adults who understand teenage females, and can guide them through their teenage years. Our coaches are older, have more experience, and have displayed a true commitment to kids and confidence building in a positive manner and atmosphere. Second, we want a competitive spirit with a markedly and noticeable positive influence! Beating talent out of a player does not exist here at any level.

Yes, occasionally we come across a very special young coach and certainly they are hard to find. We return many of our players who appreciated the positive philosophy and recognize their growth as a result. These kids are awesome to work with in our program. To be a head coach at BFVB you must have already been a JO or School head coach. If not, they enter into our development program and work a minimum of two seasons with our experienced coaches before being offered your own team. You won't have a 'first year' head coach at BFVB!

We are 100% dedicated to a positive experience for your kids with maximum development and success.

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